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If you are not changing it, you are choosing it.

- Laurie Buchanan

Dr. Dixon is not just a psychologist; she and the staff are passionate advocates for your well-being. Their mission is to empower you to overcome challenges, whether it's trauma, depression, anxiety, relationship struggles, or other life issues.

Moreover, they possess the capability to complete comprehensive assessments, providing a deep understanding of your unique needs and helping to shape a personalized path forward.

When you choose to work with them, you're partnering with someone who values your individual journey and is dedicated to helping you unlock your full potential.

Begin your journey with Dr. Dixon. She and the team will help you pave the way towards a brighter, more empowered you.

Dr. Dixon and her team bring extensive experience in the field of clinical psychology, offering a wealth of expertise to those seeking support and transformation.

"Working with Dr. Dixon has been a game-changer. Her insights and guidance helped me navigate through a tough time in my life. I couldn't be more grateful."

"I was skeptical about therapy, but Dr. Dixon made me feel comfortable from day one. Her expertise and compassionate approach truly made a difference."

"Dr. Dixon's assessments were incredibly insightful. They helped me understand myself better and provided a clear path for improvement."

"I was at a crossroads in my life when I started therapy with Dr. Dixon. Her support and encouragement gave me the strength to make positive changes."

"Dr. Dixon is a true professional. Her expertise in both therapy and assessments makes her an invaluable resource for anyone seeking mental health support."

what they're saying

Feeling like they've hit a roadblock, wrestling with anxiety, or just need a confidence boost on their journey to personal growth.

Navigating the sometimes tumultuous waters of recovery, providing a steady hand to help you find your way.

Seeking answers to those burning questions about academic and psychological functioning, because knowledge is power.

Looking for encouragement through a difficult time.

Facing court-mandated psychological evaluations and therapy with empathy and expertise.

Looking for a fresh perspective in the complex worlds of medicine, law, or academia, offering that valuable second or third opinion.

Tackling fit-for-duty evaluations with the diligence and insight required for success.

Desiring a deep understanding of their strengths, risks, and needs to chart a path towards a brighter future.

Dr. Dixon and her team are here to support individuals who are:

Whatever your path may be, the team is here to add some clarity, positivity, and professional guidance to your journey. Get started!

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Your presence here signifies the start of your journey toward positive change. 

Embark on this path with Dr. Dixon and her team, dedicated to crafting a better future for you.

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